Case studies Easy Release using SmartQE
About SmartQE

SmartQE is a Unique platform designed and developed to support application life cycle validation from process assessment, test design automation, test data mining, execution, nonfunctional testing and reporting for Web, cloud, mobile, Client/Server, mainframes and API technology stack.

It is a ONE STOP solution for all quality assurance activities of your product or business application. It helps you to test your application in all 360 degrees of testing life-cycle and provides a detailed report.

SmartQE offers all possible services for the product or application in every corner of test life-cycle. Besides test automation, it also automates the process of deploying the application.

As deployment of application is more crucial and involves a few critical errors to deal with, SmartQE simplifies this process and eliminates all manual interventions in deployment process.

We have implemented SmartQE’s Release Automation feature in one of our applications and deploying the application with just a button click in SmartQE.

Reducing QA efforts & cost for a Package Tracking Business

SmartQE is implemented for deployment of a web & mobile based software developed for a Business that provides best-in-class, cloud-based, package tracking software created specifically for apartment communities and residential buildings, residence halls, campus mail rooms, and campus post offices. This Software automatically and regularly sends package reminders until picked up.

Technologies: ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL and Mongo

Challenges Faced
  • One of the most complex, time-consuming, and error-prone areas in release automation is updating the database to support the new release of application. Sometimes developers forget updating the database, which leads to application not working as expected.
  • Manual approach to build and deploy the application will definitely have much downtime.
  • Reverting the whole application to the previous releases in case something is wrong with latest release.
  • Required much manual efforts to connect to server, build and deploy. These manual operations are definitely error-prone.
The Solution:

SmartQE helps organizations perform release management in a more efficient and timely manner by releasing updates to production more often and increasing the quality of those releases.

SmartQE implements a best-practices approach to database release automation. This approach makes the database part of Release Automation to mitigates this risk and ensures a bug free application in production. It eliminates the need to build and maintain custom scripts for application deployments, while simultaneously reducing configuration errors and downtime. SmartQE allows you to re-deploy any of the previous builds.

The Solution

Using SmartQE, we have been deploying our application several times with just a click of button and experiencing numerous benefits of transitioning from manual release process.